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Lucina Clarke is the Executive Director and founder of My Time Inc, Parent Support Center for parents and caregiver of a child with Autism and Developmental Disabilities. She has a Masters Degree in Special Education from Long Island University and a Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from Penn State University. She has been a permanent certified educator for the past 15 years working with children diagnosed with multiple disabilities, developmental disabilities and Autism.

My Time, Inc. provides a non-judgmental, supportive environment that encourages parents to meet; share ideas, concerns and solutions; find information; with other parents in similar situations to have fun, share with others and find out about other available community support and services. My Time Inc’s goal is to give appropriate strategies, provide support, educational and behavioral workshops and skills to the parents to raise their children to be a functioning and social individual in their community.

Her experience with children diagnosed with developmental disabilities and Autism is extensive. It is her passion and love of the field as well as the parents she worked with who drove her into creating My Time Inc. She observed too much injustices and unfair treatments of parents of a child with a disability.   While servicing a student with Autism, she realized the need for support for the parents, the frustrations in seeking support and to no avail receiving it.  She vowed that she will make a change. She never takes no for an answer to her “no” means “on”. She is always prepared to advocate for the parents.

Ms. Clarke, through her passion, commitment, determination and love is definitely going to make changes in this society’s view of parents, the lack of support and encouragement that parents don’t receive because they have a child with a disability.  She will always continue the mission of My Time Inc to support, empower, educate, enlighten and uplift them in living the quality of life they deserve in their community.

During the last four years as Executive Director, Lucina have received various recognitions from her community leaders.  She has collaborated and volunteered her knowledge and services to other organizations. She was recently honored by New York State Senator John Sampson as a “Woman of Valor” in her community.  In September 2011, The Educational Ministry of Brown Memorial Baptist Church honored Lucina for her outstanding work.  In October, she was honored twice by St Luke Church and Brooklyn Crown Heights Lions Club.  Lucina has been on journey of great proportion capturing the attention of her peers as well as those who perpetuate humanity while bringing attention to parent support. She was honored by 2010 by her peers at the Brooklyn Center for the Independence of the Disabled with the Mary Weinberger Award for Parent Advocacy. She won the 2009 Brooke Russell Astor Award for a New York City “unsung hero” , Proclamations from the Borough President Marty Markowitz, 2008 Dynamic Woman of the Year Award by Assemblyman Nick Perry, the Distinguished Community Service Award form Friends United Block Association and was honored by Senator Eric Adams during women history month “saluting women making a difference”. She is definitely a voice for the parents and caregivers of a child with Autism and Developmental Disabilities in that special place to be call My Time Inc.

Lucina is the thread that is woven deep within the fabric of My Time Inc. and can be describe as an innovator due to the creation of something that is a vital component to the parents we serve; because parent support is our product (metaphorically speaking). However, it is not a new phenomenon but My Time Inc. is bringing a new and dynamic prospective to it.