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Ten years ago, our lives  changed drastically as we decided to create an organization to support parents of a child with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities. We have no regrets. This was the right thing to do.  As we appeal to you for your support, here is what the parents are saying:

Denise Jordan… “I believe I speak for all the parents when I say that My Time Inc. has been and continue to be an incredible blessing to our families. The support and resources that have been provided to us and the strategies that we have learned have been life changing. Our lives as well as our children’s lives has become more relaxed and less stressed. We are so very thankful that Lucina and Wayne decided 10 years ago to create this incredible organization that have changed so many lives and will continue to do so for many more years to come. We are grateful that they saw the need to support parents of children with special needs.” Thank you.