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It is a specific objective of My Time Inc to target parents of children diagnosed with Autism and Developmental Disabilities and other related disabilities or disorders that are often overlooked and not given enough support to deal with the stresses of raising a child with a disability. The parents are engaged in supportive circles, parent educational training, development of skills in recreational, social and play  to enhance and increase their relationship with their children.

My Time Inc provides a haven for the parents to feel accepted and not be judged as a parent of a child with special needs.

Parents benefit by communicating about their feelings, insights and questions with other parents.

  • Services
  • Cost For Consumers

    My Time Inc services are free for parents and care givers. Donations are kindly accepted.

  • Why should Parents Join?

    Research has shown that talking and sharing experiences with other people who are going through a similar situation may help parents and their families. Making time for yourself and your needs can help your child. My Time Inc will bring you together with people who can understand the achievements, rewards and also help with the challenges. Through talking and sharing experiences, people can build relationships with other parents. Parents can also find out about research-based parenting, best practices information and learn new skills.

  • What does My Time Inc do?

    My Time Inc helps parents of children with a disability by bringing them together with other parents to socialize and share ideas. Parents act as a support network for parents, where they can discuss experiences, thoughts and ideas. Parents will be kept up to date with new information and resources at meetings and can communicate online with other My Time Inc members.

    My Time Inc focuses on the needs of the parent in providing a mind, body and soul restoration and rejuvenation. As My Time Inc advances, there will be play groups and child care for the children. Assistants will lead children in activities such as singing, drawing, playing with toys, blocks or sand, so parents can spend time focusing on catching up with others.

  • Parent Support Group

    Parent support group meetings are held weekly. These sessions are for approximately two hours. Parents focus on topics relating to the children’s disorders or their needs. Parents can choose topics and activities they would like to explore and discuss with each other. There are speakers to discuss a variety of topics.

    Meeting times and the length of meetings are flexible; parents will discuss what works for them. Generally meetings will consist of settling in time for parents, socializing, an activity or discussion, and planning for the next meeting.

    On going support Help in time of crisis Reinforce positive coping behaviors Help focus anger and use its energy in positive ways Share information, ideas and resources Provide training for parents to increase skills Help in dealing with educational, medical and other service agencies Give an opportunity to relieve loneliness and form new friendships Balancing children’s needs with the needs of other family members Managing time and learning to cope better with stress Dealing with community attitudes Navigating and learning how to acquire the services needed Find ways of getting reliable, honest and correct information, as well as practical and emotional support Helping with children’s development and play ideas.
  • When will the group meet?
    SUPPORT CIRCLE TIMES Parent Support group meets 10:00am- 12noon Tuesday and Wednesday Thursday : 10 am – 1:00pm Behavior Workshops How many people will be able to attend the support group meetings? Groups will have at least five parents. Meeting time will allow for: settling-in time for parents, socializing, a focused activity or discussion, planning for the next meeting.
  • How many people will attend?
    Groups will have at least five parents. Meeting time will allow for: settling-in time for parents, socializing, a focused activity or discussion, planning for the next meeting.
  • How do I become A Member
    Any parent, grandparent or caregiver of a child with a disability, Autism or special needs. To join, go to and click on the link “become a member” page and fill in some basic details. Or you can call My Time Inc., at 718 251 0527 or email info@mytimeinc.
  • What is the role of the facilitator?
    The facilitator’s role is to help parents get to know each other and assist them in discussion. Facilitators will also suggest group activities and be there as an additional support for group members, including bringing evidence-based resources as well as best practices and materials to group meetings.
  • Community Awareness and Involvement

    My Time Inc. will increase the community awareness of autism and related disorders as well. The community, local businesses, high schools, and college students will be involved. Some teenagers find that high school is not as challenging. Allowing them to participate or volunteer their time to helping the families at the center will be valuable. The volunteer’s role is to participate in play and socialization with the children in the event the parent is attending a workshop. This is also supervised. Credits, community service, acknowledgement, awards, showing appreciation, and recognition would be given.

    Change is needed in societal understanding and attitudes as well as in government policies. When parents share expertise and information they are prepared to act as a powerful force in the community, cultural and policy affairs. Also when a community is involved it gives the families a sense of belonging to a community that cares. It takes a village to raise and know a child.