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Our mission is to support educate empower enlighten and uplift parents of a child diagnosed with autism and developmental disabilities to live a life they deserve in their community.

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Parent Support is not a new Phenomenon, but My Time Inc is bringing a new and dynamic Perspective to it... 

As My Time Inc. continue to evolve it will stay true to its core providing quality, reliable and trustworthy information to the parents and caregivers of children with disabilities.

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Our Vision...

My Time Inc is a model for providing a supportive environment for parents, grandparents and advocates caring for individuals with autism and developmental disabilities. 

My Time Inc is a progressive group of individuals who have dedicated energy and every resource to create a safe space for parents, grandparents and advocates caring for an individual with autism or development disabilities in an environment free of judgements and prejudice.  

My Time Inc intends to empowers parents to be advocates for their child/ren.  They should know they are the voices of concern, the voices of care and love.  Parents also learn they are professional as well in helping create and develop services for their loved ones.

Parent support is not a New Phenomenon but My Time Inc is bringing a New and Dynamic Perspective to it... 

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