Crystal James

Mom of Special Needs Teen

February 2nd, 2023

I would like to thank My Time Inc for its thoughtfulness for parents dealing with a child with special needs your kindness, humanity and commitment doesn't go unnoticed and is very much appreciated.
As part of the ME Time program, we went to the Poconos, which was filled with love, laughs, amazing food, connections, conversations and most importantly a peaceful time. 
I want to thank Ms. Lucina, Mr. Clarke and Ms. Denise for your devotion, humanity, humility and generosity to the parents of this group this weekend was such a needed, magical, unforgettable weekend. I appreciate every effort and thought that was placed into this trip it definitely was recognized and felt.
Thank you for thinking of ME when I forget to think of me.  Thank you for recognizing me when I fail to recognize ME and most importantly thank you for a unique, fun, peaceful, weekend. 

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Sharon Hepburn

Mom of a Special Needs Teen

February 2nd, 2023

My Time Inc to me is a place where I can freely express my thoughts and emotions in confidence and receive the support to uplift me with my day-to-day challenges of having a child with a disability. It educates me to advocate more effectively and gives me the skills that I need to empower others.
My Time has afforded me the opportunity to gain the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of dealing with people and opening a gateway to new ideas and facts. The uplifting experience I gained changed my mood to pure love, and care for not only myself but for others. This is my experience of what My Time is all about.    

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This video starts by highlighting the right of a parent as its told by Eric Magwood of Office of People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD). It continues with 3 of our parents. Enjoy….

Denise Jordan is a Parent and also Executive Assistant of My Time Inc since 2009…

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My Time Inc is a model for providing a supportive environment for parents, grandparents and advocates caring for individuals with autism and developmental disabilities. 

My Time Inc is a progressive group of individuals who have dedicated energy and every resource to create a safe space for parents, grandparents and advocates caring for an individual with autism or development disabilities in an environment free of judgements and prejudice.  

My Time Inc intends to empowers parents to be advocates for their child/ren.  They should know they are the voices of concern, the voices of care and love.  Parents also learn they are professional as well in helping create and develop services for their loved ones.

Parent support is not a New Phenomenon but My Time Inc is bringing a New and Dynamic Perspective to it... 

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