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Our Mission

The Mission of My Time Inc is to support educate empower enlighten and uplift parents of a child diagnosed with autism and developmental disabilities to live a life they deserve in their community.

Our Philosophy

Parent Support is not a new Phenomenon but My Time Inc is bringing a new and dynamic Perspective to it... 

It is a specific objective of My Time Inc to target parents of children diagnosed with Autism and Developmental Disabilities and other related disabilities or disorders that are often overlooked and not given enough support to deal with the stresses of raising a child with a disability. The parents are engaged in supportive circles, parent educational training, development of skills in recreational, social and play to enhance and increase their relationship with their children.

My Time Inc provides a haven for the parents to feel accepted and not be judged as a parent of a child with special needs. Parents benefit by communicating about their feelings, insights and questions with other parents.

Our History

In July of 2004, Lucina Clarke was frustrated in seeing a disconnect between children, parent and education. She witnessed parents’ frustration in managing their children development and the lack of awareness of the resources that was available. The parents despair and tiredness from their consistent day-in and day-out stresses without a respite. She felt their pain and decided to do what she can to help parents.

So she formed a volunteer group “The Canarsie Parent Support Group for Individuals with Autism and Developmental Disabilities”. The group met on a monthly basis to discuss issues, share and exchange information relating to Autism and other related developmental disabilities. They provide support and network with other families, conduct workshops on various techniques to assist parents in developing functional and social environment at home and their community but it work! It provided parents with a platform to obtain and give support, the village was present. So Lucina knew she had to build on this success that gave her so much satisfaction. So in 2007 she formed My Time Inc.

My Time Inc. provided and still provides parents with support and a place where they can express themselves, discuss issues relating to themselves and their children and not be judged or criticized for being a parent of a special needs child. A safe refuge from all of the daily activities of their lives.

As My Time Inc. continue to evolve it will stay true to its core providing quality, reliable and trustworthy information to the parents and caregivers of children with disabilities.

Lucina is always advocating and asking these questions to everyone. What about the parents? Doesn’t parents need times for themselves? Who will support them? And Lucina answer is the same, My Time Inc. She tells everyone “I am blessed with the ability to work with parents and provide this service. My Time Inc. is a place for parents to go to and call their own. This is My Time Inc.’s destiny”.

Our Staff

Wayne Clarke... Director of Operations/Co- Founder

Wayne Clarke is the Creative Director and Co-founder of My Time Inc. Wayne obtain his BA for The College of New Rochelle School of New Resources and Master’s Degree in TV/Radio for Brooklyn College. Like Ms. Clarke, Wayne believe an educated parent is a better equip to advocate for his or her child/ren.

Lucina Clarke... Executive Director/Co- Founder

Lucina Clarke is the Executive Director and co-founder of My Time Inc. Ms. Clarke has a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Long Island University and a Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from Penn State University. Ms. Clarke believes that by educating and empowering families, we can create a society of advocates. We can empower individuals to stand up and fight for their rights to receive the appropriate services needed for themselves and loved ones. Also, we can bring about societal changes with positive attitudes, awareness, understanding and empathy of various disabilities in the community.

Denise Jordan... Executive Assistant

Denise Jordan is a mother of a 12 year old son with Autism. She is also the Executive Assistant of My Time Inc., a parent support and networking center located in Canarsie, Brooklyn, A Special Place to be for parents of children with special needs. Denise is a very active member of her son’s school community where she is the Secretary of the Parent’s Association as well as a valued member of the School Leadership Team. Denise resides in Brooklyn with her supportive family that consists of her husband, mom and her son Nicholas.

Board of Directors

Gloria Baptiste.... Member

Gloria Baptiste worked as a Child Provider, and devoted herself to community work before meeting Eustace in 1993. They got married (tied the knot) in 1995. Gloria continued to be dedicated, and is proud of the extensive kinship that she developed with New York City’s St. Vincent community. She is married to Eustace Baptiste and have a 12 year old daughter name Charis. Ms. Baptiste volunteered as a director at Child of the Light Ministries Food Pantry. Following the ordeal of Hurricane Sandy, Gloria found MY TIME INC on the recommendation of State Senator John Sampson’s office. What she found and treasures are the kindred spirits that she met, and an organization that provides a network that offer support but more importantly, satisfies her appetite for providing support for others.

Marielle Schank.... Board Chair

I have been in the field of special education for the past 28 years. Six of those years were spent at League School in Brooklyn, NY where I met Mrs. Clarke. I earned a master’s degree in Special Education at Brooklyn College in 1992. During the last two years at League School, I also worked part time as an independent contractor for several early intervention agencies. During those 6 years, I worked with children with autism and other developmental disorders. From 1996-2003, I worked exclusively for agencies that serviced children with autism. In 2003, my husband and I moved to Newfoundland, PA. We traveled off and on for two years. In 2005, I returned to college. In 2007, I earned a master’s degree in Speech and Language Pathology from East Stroudsburg University. In August of 2007, I was hired by the Delaware Autism Program/Brennen School and moved to Newark, DE. This is my tenth year at Brennen School. I have been a board member of My Time Inc. since its inception. Our first board meeting was Friday, May 4th, 2007. My Time Inc. has come a long way.

Sharon Morrison.... Treasurer

Sharon Morrison has been employed in the Wall Street area for the past 22 years serving in various capacities such as Vice President and Board Member for a major Japanese corporation. Ms. Morrison holds a Bachelor’s degree in Labor Management Relations from Pace University and a Master’s of Science in Accounting from Long Island University. Ms Morrison also sits on the board of My Time Inc; an organization that support parents of children with Autism and Developmental Disabilities. She is also a staunch advocate for the betterment of minority youths in underserved communities.

Annette Cooke.... Secretary

To become an educator, I attended Brooklyn College and matriculated with a Master of Science Degree (MS) in Elementary Education. That course of study helped me acquire various strategies to instruct school-age scholars in all the content areas such as: science, music, art, math, social studies and reading. After that, my journey led me to Teachers College, Columbia University; where I earned a Master of Education Degree (Ed. M.) My educational philosophy is that every child can learn. But, we must give them the tools to do so. As an educator, I vigorously find ways to create equal access into the educational environment for all my scholars; especially those with different learning styles. As a volunteer, I work primarily through the Lions Clubs International. I have served as District Leo Chairperson, President of Hollis Lions, Zone Chairperson and Regional Manager for the entire district. My biggest accomplishment with this organization is an international trip. I took 28 young adults and 13 adults to conduct community service in Jamaica. Finally, my work as an officer of the My Time Inc. continues to afford me the opportunity to work side by side with parents and children. My Time Inc. is a wonderful asset within the Brooklyn Community.

Gwendolyn Robinson.... Member

Gwen Robinson is a graduate of Fordham University where earned her Master’s degree in Social Work with a specialty in Social Work Administration. For the past fifteen years, Mrs. Robinson worked as a social worker in the addictions field primarily with individuals who had current and previous legal histories. In this capacity, she had worked in both the residential and outpatient settings. In addition to this experience, Mrs. Robinson had also worked as a social worker and director in the mental health field. As a director, she was in charge of five offsite mental health programs for children and one main site for adults. Currently, she is employed at Camelot Counseling Centers as a Senior Counselor and is also a placement supervisor for undergraduate social work students.

Michelle Schank.... Member

Michelle Schank-Molina is a highly skilled and knowledgeable Medical Office Manager with over ten years of experience in a fast-paced environment. Successfully manage the daily operations of a demanding multi-doctor medical office including staff training and supervision, activity and task scheduling, obtaining and allocating resources, management and improvement of internal processes, the implementation of procedures and policies, general office accounting functions, and maintenance of computer software and hardware. A results-driven manager who successfully interacts with a diverse group of people at all levels.


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Our Vision...

My Time Inc is a model for providing a supportive environment for parents, grandparents and advocates caring for individuals with autism and developmental disabilities. 

My Time Inc is a progressive group of individuals who have dedicated energy and every resource to create a safe space for parents, grandparents and advocates caring for an individual with autism or development disabilities in an environment free of judgements and prejudice.  

My Time Inc intends to empowers parents to be advocates for their child/ren.  They should know they are the voices of concern, the voices of care and love.  Parents also learn they are professional as well in helping create and develop services for their loved ones.

Parent support is not a New Phenomenon but My Time Inc is bringing a New and Dynamic Perspective to it... 

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